The Bible in the light of the Tabernacle of Israel.

Short explanation .

The Bible studies we offer you here, are reviewed in the light of the Israelitish tabernacle (see info Tabernacle studies). This shrine (or sanctuary), is our God-given pattern (or model) of the spiritual development of a Christian here on earth and a key to the deeper understanding of the Bible.
The explanation of many parts of the Bible are more clearly by the (spiritual) meaning of the colors, materials and articles of the Tabernacle. Thus we discover a rich treasure of heavenly inexhaustible resources which we really can grow spiritually.

Maybe you want to know more? Available is the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of John.

1. Therefore the Gospel of Luke is, in the first place, a revelation of Jesus Christ as the wonderful High Priest of God, because He is revealed here as the Son of man, the First among the new creations of God. Spiritually, what applies to the Head (i.e. Jesus), also applies to the Body (the Christians). It is therefore also a book of the Christian as a royal priest, who can be a priest, because He, Jesus Christ, is the High Priest.

2. The Gospel of John is, in the first place, a revelation of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Jesus was and is and will (always) be the express image of God's autonomy, the only begotten Son of the Father (see John 1:14 and 18; 3:16 and 18), originated from the eternity of the past; the visible Part of the invisible God; the Firstborn of all God's children). And God's children received their sonship, because they have become members of His Body (see Ephesians 1:23). And Jesus, after His atoning death on behalf of man, is seated at the right hand of God as the Head of the Church, and as the Highpriest.

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