Bible studies about the endtime.

A Divine wedding.

Soon there will be a wedding (union) of the Lamb with the purified part of His Church here on earth!! It is NO wedding in heaven in these last days, neither is it a taking up into heaven prior to the Great Tribulation. We shall see, that this is unscriptural, even if the majority of believing Christians expect this. There will be a REMOVAL of the Bride (the Church), after she has been used as an instrument by the Lord's Spirit, in order to restore the Church, for the universal and last worldwide revival.
Jesus return to the earth as the Bridegroom and the following Wedding festival has a purpose, consisting of four parts:

  1. the restoration of the Church fallen into a sin-filled sleep
  2. the conducting of the last, world-wide revival, besides
  3. the restoration of the "House of David";
  4. God's judgements leading to destruction of the (godless) world.

    In this study we shall especially deal with the first two goals.

The new Jerusalem.

When the old heaven and the old earth are passed away, God will let come down the new Jerusalem, the perfect Bride of God’s Lamb, out of heaven on the new earth, which He then already has created. The Bride of God’s Lamb then already has achieved her divine perfection. This descending of the new Jerusalem is not a temporarily happening, but a continual and eternal one. She will then be a spiritual ladder, which descends from God’s throne dawn to the new earth, which Jacob saw in his dream. Then the new Jerusalem, the perfect Bride of God’s Lamb, created out of the old mankind, shall rule as kings and priests of God over this new mankind, who then will live on this new earth. They not only have to rule over them in divine righteousness and love, but also lead them into their eternal destination in God (see Isa. 65:17-25).
The new Jerusalem, as the perfect Bride of God’s Lamb, is God’s instrument to rule in divine righteousness over the coming creation, a new mankind, on the new earth, and to lead that new mankind to God’s eternal goal.

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