Bible studies concerning the apocalyptic judgements in the end time.

What is the meaning of the Bible about the endtime?

Short intro:
When we mention "the end time" we (in the first place) don't mean the end of the world. "End time" stands for the end of this current era.The era which goes before the second coming of Jesus.. The Bible tells us that we are living in the end time now.
What are the signs of the end time? What is out there waiting for us? What does the Bible tell us about it? You can download these Bible study subjects from our website.

The Bible contains many signs (like the "known" signs of times) which we can see
happening around us in our own era. These issues are predicted long in advance.
Therefore we can say that the rest of the Bible is true too. To think this all is merely a coincident would be self deceiving.

Because the Bible prophecies and predictions are proven to be correct its been targeted often.
Unfortunately a lot of people are deceived due to their lack of (sufficient) knowledge
of the Bible. According to the Bible the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour (better said: whom he can lead astray or away from God). So stay in Gods truth (or come into His truth) and strengthen your personal relation with Jesus Christ. The only place where you are safe from the attacks of the devil.

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