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The seven Spirits of God and the Lamb of God.

Short explanation:
These study tells us that the Holy Spirit goes out from God; from the Father as well as from the Son (the Lamb). It is this Spirit of the Son, as God's High Priest, that personally works out in the heart and the life of those that have turned to God, and have surrendered themselves to Him in the confession of their sins, the work on earth - finished by the Lamb of God through His death and resurrection.

It is the Lamb of God, That sitting at God's right hand as God's High Priest, imparts step by step through His Spirit to those that have converted to God and to Jesus Christ, His salvation obtained by His death and resurrection; thus making such Christians partakers of His victory over (the power of) satan and sin, and so enabling them to walk, live and work in this world as conquerors over (the power of) satan and sin. This Holy Spirit, this Spirit of the Father and of the Lamb of God, has 7 revelation forms, in Scripture called the 7 Spirits of God (see Rev.5:6); we shall first look at these briefly before going into His revelation forms in more detail. First, in His first revelation form, He tries to lead the sinner to true repentance; thereafter He will cleanse and sanctify him/her, after true surrender to Him, and then He will justify him/her.

The wonderful works of the Holy Spirit in the endtime.

Short explanation:
The almighty Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ effectuates the salvation-bringing-works of Christ, in the end-time in converted sinners based of their faith in God’s dear Gospel, which has its foundation in the redemptive work of God’s Lamb at Golgotha (Calvary). Now, in the end-time, He wants to make this achieved work real in all its perfection in our body, soul and spirit. He wants to build them in us, after our conversion, and confession of our sins and absolute surrender of body, soul and spirit to Him.
Jesus Christ has obtained an eternal redemption for us, from the power of satan and from all our sins. Let us hold fast this Divine promise. These promises mentioned in God’s dear Word, are made real in our body, soul and spirit by the Spirit of our Lord, Jesus Christ, on the base of our faith in these Divine promises, when we totally surrender our body, soul and spirit to Him. Let us now have faith in God’s dear Word, just as it is written, for God means, what He says, and says, what He means. So it is possible to be redeemed perfectly from the power of sin, and of satan’s temptation power already here on earth!

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