God's work of mercy in respect to the people of Israel.

Many are unknown of the fact that there's a difference between Israel and Jews.

The people of Israel exists out of the 12 tribes, named after the 12 sons of Jacob (who later was named Israel by God). Later on they split up and the Bible then makes a difference between the "house of Israel" and the "house of Judah" (the so called Jews). The "house of Israel" exists out of 10 tribes who later were taken away from the promised land Canaan/Palestine. Later on they moved into the so called "heathen world" in which up to this very day, they are hidden (often without knowing it by themselves). It is especially in the ‘Christian’ countries of Northwest Europe, and the countries whereto many of them have emigrated out of Northwest Europe like America, Canada and Australia. The “house of Judah” is the kingdom of 2 tribes, namely the people of Judah and Benjamin, which in the days of Jesus lived in the promised land of Canaan/Palestine. The “house of Judah” (the so called Jews) is the part of Israel where the hardening took place (see Roman 11:25)

Israel now-a-days (the 2 tribes of the house of Judah in particular) claims her rights over Palestine. Historical rights, rights mentioned in the Bible. When the time comes and the prophetical words will be fulfilled than, without a doubt, the whole of Israel (all 12 tribes) will be in possession of all of Palestine and the city of Jerusalem (see Genesis 15:18). According to God's promise all Abraham's descendants will live in the land of
Canaan. This land stretches out from the creek of Egypt (a little river east of the Nile) unto the river Eufraat. To us these signs tells us that we are living in the "end time' close to the Second Coming of Jesus. That's why especially now-a-days its important to see what the Bible tells us about these things.
The next study will be about this prophecy and others.

  • Thou, people of Israel, wake up!!

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