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Biblical subjects:

Endtime studies
What does the Bible says about 'the last days’, just before Jesus comes back again?

Bible interpretation
An explanation of Bible Books, in the light of the Tabernacle.

General subjects
A number of Bible studies from the Bible teacher E. v.d. Worm.

Explanation of difficult issues (especially) from the book of Revelation.

God's plan with Israel
Profectic study about Israel.

Tabernacle study
The spiritual meaning of the various objects in the Tabernacle.

What Bible-study will do to your life.

Regardless of the age we live in, God has always revealed His will to all people trough His Holy Word. The Bible is a rich treasure full of heavenly information, a guide trough life.

Therefore study the Bible
The word of God should take a very important position in the life of a believer. In these day's we are more and more confronted with false teachings. It's therefore important to have a solid knowledge of the Word of God. I notice that when I look around me a lot of Christians don't take Bible study seriously. Some find visiting the Sunday sermon more than enough. Often it's found that these Christians are easy to manipulate by several movements and teachings which surface in these final days. God's opponent (the Satan) knows very well how important solid knowledge of the Word of God is, and will do anything that is in his power to keep us away from studying the Word of God. He will always remind us of other things that seem to be more important. So that we neglect our personal Bible-study and find our visits to church on Sunday more than enough. However: Reading and studying the Word of God is for humans as much as important as daily feeding and nursing our bodies.

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